Logstar Terminal Operation System

With great pleasure we announce go-live completion of the final phase of LogStar Multi-Purpose Terminal Operations System (TOS) at NAMPORT – Walvis Bay

NAMPORT’s cargo volumes have grown over the years, requiring a modern TOS application to meet their growing needs and support them into the future. NAMPORT has selected LogStar Multi-Purpose TOS, to meet their growing needs that will digitally transform operations and provide real time information.

The final phase consisted of go-live of container and cargo handling on multi-purpose vessel calls. The overall project consisted of following phases:

  1. Berth Planning Operations
  2. General Cargo Operations
  3. RORO Operations
  4. Syncrolift Operations
  5. Container Operations
  6. Billing Processes

LogStar implemented a responsive, real-time Multi-purpose Terminal Operating System which digitally transform their business processes by handling container and a range of cargo namely:

  • Breakbulk Cargo
  • Project and Bulk cargo
  • Ro-Ro Cargo

The solution also supports multi-terminal operations for operators that run more than one facility, including container ports, inland container depots and empty depots. LogStar will help NAMPORT to handle multi-purpose vessels (general cargo and containers), yard management, berth-planning, rail connectivity and Syncrolift capabilities in an efficient manner.

Berth Planning and Syncrolift Operations are added modules delivered as part of the Multi-purpose TOS. Berth Planning streamlines the process that needs high level of coordination between various teams and for quick decision- making to optimize the utilization of berths based on various scenarios. Syncrolift Operations cater to an important service offered by the port to its customers.

The implementation process involved digitizing 100% of all the processes that were mostly being manually. The main benefit was reducing the efforts in updating and collating the data and the resultant duplication of efforts and errors. This has and will continue to bring down the process time and associated delays and reflect in faster turnaround of the vessels.

Our team at LogStar has an extensive knowledge of port and terminal operations, linking complex business processes and terminal operations with software capabilities to deliver customer value. We help you maximize your creation and your return on investment. Our expertise, implementation agility and ease of partnership were key factors in the successful on-time delivery of Port of Walvis Bay.

About Port Walvis Bay:

The Port Walvis Bay, a multi-purpose port is Namibia’s largest commercial port, handling around 3,000 vessel calls and 5 million tonnes of cargo each year. The Port of Walvis Bay manages container imports, exports, and trans-shipments, as well as bulk and break-bulk of several cargoes.

About LogStar:

LogStar transforms the way multi-purpose ports, terminals and multi-modal depots optimize their operational cargo flows, eliminate inefficient processes and boost business performance of all their stakeholders. We have successfully implemented our solutions at leading ports and terminals in over 22 countries. LogStar products built and upgraded using the latest technologies, can be deployed either on your local servers or on your private “cloud” servers. Our products are powered with Mobility, Automation, Excellent Managed and Upgrade Services, Multilingual Support, EDI with Customs, Business Intelligence, Customer Portal, and Strong Billing Solution. We offer 24*7 Support to our clients which help them to run their port operations continuously without any failure.

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