Logstar Terminal Operation System

Container Stevedoring Solution

Container Stevedoring Solution

Container stevedoring operations involves Loading, Discharging and Shifting of containers at the quay-side; using Vessel and/or Quay cranes. LogStar Quay Link is a Container Stevedoring Solution which helps stevedores to carry out the container stevedoring operations in a cost-effective way. LogStar Quay Link can be “plugged” into the LogStar Depot Plus (Depot Management System) to manage a complete “mini” container terminal operations.


  • Manage vessel schedules & cut-offs
  • Accessible from desktop, laptop, mobile phones and tablets
  • Handle pre-arrival operations
  • Seamlessly control vessel operations
  • Manage post departure operations

Application screens


  • Off-line mode for vessel operations that auto syncs when internet connectivity is available. Thus, ensuring no loss of vessel working hours.
  • Quick time for releasing vessels through graphical and user-friendly interface.
  • Performance monitoring through TDR (Terminal Departure Report) for Gross/Net Berth/Crane productivity.
  • Lesser time spent on phone/emails updating situational report to the stakeholders through TSR (Terminal Status Report).
  • Mapping of various codes used by Shipping Lines, VSA partners, Authorities, Port.
  • Capable of receiving previous port and generating your port's departure BAPLIE.
  • Capability to upload Load & Discharge COPRAR and MOVINS and user-friendly interface to reconcile the discrepancies.
  • Reporting vessel moves through COARRI.
  • Desktop views for 2D and 3D Bayplans
  • Lesser clicks/keystrokes for updating Load, Discharge and Shift moves.
  • Different types of delay codes that needs to be deducted from gross and net productivity calculation for the berths and cranes.
  • Capability to manage different BBRRTT nomenclatures used by different Shipping Lines.
  • Managing vessel schedules and various related Cut-Offs
  • Depot Management System integration for managing on-dock depot and related billing