Logstar Terminal Operation System

Billing And Revenue Management

Billing And Revenue Management

With LogStar Billing we offer the most complete, versatile and secure billing and revenue management solution in the transport and logistics industry. Our billing engine is fully automated, event driven, and takes out all human interventions. No more lost revenue and no more erroneous invoices. LogStar billing has existing interfaces to all major TOS and ERP products.

Logstar Billing is future ready and has the state-of-the-art system features like tight security controls to protect data/ user access which protects malpractices, rule-based workflow mechanism for document view and approval and strong integration capabilities including collections with real time credit management features.


  • Event based billing
  • TOS and ERP connectors
  • Handles complex contracts and tariffs
  • Secure audit trails
  • Third Party System Integrations
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Rule based workflow mechanism


  • Manages complex contract and tariff structures
  • Eliminates revenue leakages
  • Reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Eliminate data duplication efforts