Logstar Terminal Operation System

LogStar Terminal Operating System

Terminal Operating System

We proudly serve 3 out the top-8 global port operators with our flagship product: Logstar Terminal Operating System (TOS). LogStar TOS supports multi-site visibility and control. It is designed to scale as your operations change. Whether you operate a single multi-purpose terminal or many terminals across multiple geographic locations, LogStar delivers unique capabilities to coordinate and optimize the planning and management of container, cargo and equipment moves in a terminal’s complex business environment.

Shipping lines depend on a terminal’s promised productivity; they need their vessels turned as quickly as possible to maintain schedules, maximize slow steaming to reduce costs and to have vessel assets deployed as efficiently as possible. Logstar cloud based terminal Operating system helps terminals achieve this with its customizable and multi-site capabilities.

While we have been working with big global port operators, we also working with small and medium ports. With our strong product offering what also suits these small medium ports is our pay-as-you-go model. The cloud hosting helps in free up the capex cost and allows scalability from future prospective.


  • Delay Recording
  • Manifest Processing
  • Auction Process
  • Container & Cargo Management
  • Booking Management
  • Warehouse Planning and Execution
  • Yard Planning & Execution
  • Resource Planning & Execution
  • Gate Planning and Execution
  • In Terminal CFS Operations

Types Of Terminals

  • General Cargo / Dry Bulk / Break bulk / Liquid bulk / Livestock
  • Containers
  • RO-RO
  • Syncrolift Operations


  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Eliminates revenue leakages
  • Maximizes productivity

LogStar Products Are Powered With

  • Mobility – hand held
  • Automation
  • Excellent Managed and Upgrade Services with hosting and maintenance on cloud/on-premise
  • Multilingual support
  • Business Intelligence
  • EDI with Customs, customers and shipping lines
  • Customer portal
  • Strong Billing solution
  • Meet business requirements like Finance and Accounting, Procurement and Inventory, HR and Payroll

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