LogStar Marine Solutions



With LogStar Marine solution we offer port authorities and port operators a solution to manage and optimize their end-to-end marine operations. LogStar Marine provides the ultimate collaboration and data exchange platform for port authority, terminal operators and shipping lines. Your customers will benefit from fast and efficient provisioning of berthing, water, tug, pilotage and ancillary services, while you have full, real-time visibility of the service delivery and billing.

With precise information about the arrival, berthing and departure of vessels in your port, you can optimize berth planning and utilization. Furthermore, you have all the information needed for reliable and precise billing, hereby eliminating the risk and cost of manual errors.

The mobile readiness feature of our software helps in operating it from any device and from anywhere. The pilots sent from port can capture all the data on the device like mobile or tablet on the go.  So, it really helps ports & terminals in getting real-time information and optimizing turnaround time.


  • Vessel Codes Management:
    Port Codes, Terminal Codes, Customs Codes
    Agent’s Codes, VSA Partner’s Codes
  • Vessels Schedule Management:
    Dynamic ETAs, Calls & Sub-Calls, Pre-Arrival Notification Documentation
    ATA, ATB, ATC, ATD, etc.
  • Marine Operations Services:
    Berths (Bollards) & Anchorages, Pilots, Pilot Boats
    Tugs, Mooring Services & Other (Fresh Water Supply, Bunkering, etc.)
  • Marine Operation Delays:
    Types of Delays
    Responsibility of Delay
  • Vessel Movements:
    High Seas to Anchorage or Berths and V.V., Between Berths and Anchorages
    Land to Berth and V.V, Long-Stays
  • Statistics & Reports:
    Forward Vessel Schedules, Asset Utilisation Reports & Delay Reports
    Terminal Departure Report (TDR), Vessel Dwell Time Reports


  • Reduces vessel turnaround time
  • Captures real-time service delivery events
  • Enhances your customer experience