Logstar Terminal Operation System

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Asset-intensive industries, like ports and terminals, are facing a number of different challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the need to balance asset lifecycle cost with the total productivity of the asset. With our vast experience and proven EAM solution, we enable our customers to achieve that perfect balance. Our EAM solution facilitates full asset lifecycle management by offering highly usable tools for reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), preventive maintenance, capital project management, overall equipment efficiency and mobility.

Off-the-shelf EAM and ERP products may be sufficient to manage basic port operations, but optimizing operational efficiency depends on terminal solutions being integrated with other functions across the business. A single integrated solution gives greater visibility into business planning, complex expansions and the operation of infrastructure and superstructure investments.

Our integrated ERP and EAM systems provide ports with a complete solution. Our systems require little to no customisation, are easy to implement and configure, intuitive to use and cost effective. Critically, these solutions can be connected to the core of an organisation’s current or future IT system, seamlessly integrating into the port’s existing operations to aid its digital transformation journey.


  • Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Implementation
  • Upgrades
  • Development
  • Integrations
  • Hosting
  • Managed Services
  • Training
  • Support


  • Better cost, risk control of port expansion and refurbishment projects
  • Improves asset availability and reduces breakdowns
  • Reduces maintenance costs