Container Freight Station (CFS) and Inland Container Depots (ICD)


Container Freight Station (CFS)
and Inland Container Depot (ICD):

Container Freight Station (CFS) is an off-dock facility located near the servicing ports which helps in decongesting the port by shifting cargo and Customs related activities outside the port area whereas an Inland Container Depots (ICD) is generally located in the interiors (outside the port towns) of the country away from the gateway ports. ICDs are connected by rail to the respective gateway port. CFS and ICD offer services for containerization of break-bulk cargo and vice versa. CFS deals with break-bulk cargo originating / terminating in the immediate vicinity of a port.

The primary functions of ICD or CFS may be summed up as under:

  • Receipt and delivery of cargo by rail / truck
  • Stuffing and de-stuffing of containers
  • Transit operations by rail/road to and from serving ports.
  • Documentation clearance related to customs and shipping lines
  • Storage of cargo and containers.


  • Gate Management
  • Yard Management
  • Weighbridge integration
  • Container Maintenance & Repair
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Cargo Management
  • Freight Warehouse
  • Stuffing / De-stuffing
  • Bonded warehouse
  • Auction process
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • EDI Engine
  • Business Performance


  • Comprehensive Cargo Management
  • Reduces Truck Turnaround Time
  • Eliminates Revenue Leakages
  • Multi-Site Capabilities
  • Improves Inventory Tracking

LogStar Products are Powered with

  • Mobility – hand held
  • Automation
  • Excellent Managed and Upgrade Services with hosting and maintenance on cloud/on-premise
  • Multilingual support
  • Business Intelligence
  • EDI with Customs, customers and shipping lines
  • Customer portal
  • Strong Billing solution
  • Meet business requirements like Finance and Accounting, Procurement and Inventory, HR and Payroll